The Total Business Consulting Group LLC




Quality Systems

Total Quality Management – Implementation and Utilization
Problem Solving, FMEA, Root Cause Analysis, Pareto Analysis
ISO 9001 – Implementation, Assessment, Compliance and Auditing
SPC – Operational Application
Six Sigma – Orientation and Application

Business Process Improvement

Needs Assessments and Gap Analysis
Benchmarking Practices
JIT and Lean Practices
5S, Kaizen
Cycle Time Reduction
Quick Change – SMED
Project Management
Performance Measurement – KPI

Supply Chain Management

Strategic Sourcing
Purchasing Practices
Supplier Relationship Management
Materials Management
Production Planning and Control
Inventory Planning, Management and Control
Warehouse Management & Control
Customer Relationship Management

Documentation Management

Product Life Cycle Management and Control - Application
Engineering Change Management and Control
People Empowerment
Team Development | Self-Directed Team Development
Systems Evaluation
Selection Process
Implementation Management


All Services are supported with associated training
Existing Course Inventory – 50 available | Custom Development

Success Through Organization

In today's multitasking climate, people must understand multiple business functions and how they interact and affect each other.

That means changing people perceptions about their role, and the role they play within the organization.

This is what the TBC Group will give your organization, through hands-on training and examples, the required tools and knowledge for success.