The Total Business Consulting Group LLC




Who are the TBC Group?

We lead the way toward success via controlled continuous change by helping your business to better understand and apply its resources.

We are a consulting firm specializing in counseling and education of all levels of management in the areas of Supply Chain Management, Lean Business Practices, Purchasing, Supply Base Management, Strategic Sourcing, Manufacturing Systems Implementation, Inventory Control and Production/Operations Management, ISO Implementation and Audit and Product Life Cycle Management.


Develop and streamline business systems through TBC's assessment process.

Improve performance by using controlled change.

Utilize People Empowerment to attain Sustainable Work Teams.

Establish Lean Business Practices,

Leading to Customer Satisfaction.

Reconfigure organizations to maximize productivity.

Establish on-going training programs.


TBC Group has a variety of generic courses which can be tailored to your environment for maximum benefit

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Whatever your business requirements are, we can assess your needs and design a plan to benefit your organization. Our Associates come from comprehensive backgrounds: electronics, aerospace, computer hardware and software, energy conversion, automotive, capital equipment, pharmaceuticlkas, cosmetics, transportation, medical devices research and development, food processing, tooling, control systems, mergers and acquisitions, defense.

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We are available on a retainer, per diem or project basis. All of our processes are structured around your business environment.

Call us today, or fill in the information request form on this site.

Why choose the TBC Group?

We provide services to industries and we have produced demonstrated results across the board. Our standard of performance is of the highest quality and we practice what we preach.

Your success is our future.

Measured results are the bottom line, and the sooner your business achieves these results with our guidance, the sooner more new opportunities become available to you.

Our expertise exists in many of the functional disciplines; from administration, engineering, through product and customer services activities and by utilizing such principles and concepts such as total quality management (tqm), material management systems, supplier interface and involvement, people empowerment and continuous controlled change